Buying Groups and “The Trust Model”: How to Bring Multi-dimensional Intelligence to the Traditional Rebate Structure — Rebate.AI — Buying Groups Rebate Managment Platform

Current rebate structure: Built on “the trust model.”

1. Making deals/contracts with manufacturers visible to distributors

2. Coherent auditing and reconciliation processes

  • When product prices are updated and the manufacturer takes too long to upload the data, the distributor may continue with the expired deal, incurring a significant loss.
  • A simple payment delay will result in incorrect invoice generation.
  • Overstated rebates, because of manual errors, will lead to erroneous revenue projections.

3. Establishing a mutually beneficial engagement

How to bring multi-dimensional intelligence and clarity into the complicated “trust model”?

The answer is

  1. By “Verifying” and “Comparing” the transaction data from multiple sources.
  2. By setting up standardized processes for the preferred manufacturers to ensure that all their products and distributors are updated with every data upload.
  3. By providing end-to-end rebate control and auditing via electronic deal approval.
  4. By offering automated rebates to improve purchase decisions in real-time.
  5. By establishing a single source of truth for market trend monitoring, pricing, and rebate optimization.
  6. By delivering distributor performance view to monitoring individual distributor performance and purchase behavior.

Rebate.AI: Offering a single pane visibility

Rebate.AI: Offering auto-rebate governance

  • A visible, composite picture of group sales, with granularity ranging from summary to PO level.
  • A perspective of sales data from both within and outside the organization to aid in onboarding high-potential manufacturers.
  • Real-time actionable rebate management insights to help wholesale buying groups in making a real impact based on data.
  • Data ingestion and refreshes are automated, and SMTP integration allows for fast warnings in case of a major event.

What are the most pressing rebate management issues you’re facing right now?



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